In it’s current state State Wins isn’t engaging or fun. will become VIP only, for the most part nothing will change.
We will split the site and give more freedom.
You’ll be able to comment and upload sets without moderation.

While there will be many people just trying to advertise themselves and possibly scam others contributing nothing to the site, this change is necessary because it’s too boring even for me.
Hopefully this change can make State Wins more engaging. There won’t be any non-vip sets shared here starting today. The free section should be announced within a week.

Most of you are misunderstanding what I am saying or I made it complicated. will be VIP only going forward. Only sets that would have been (VIP) will be posted here.
Free sets will still be posted but under a different domain.

Even if this idea fails I could easily switch it back to how it was originally. Everything will make sense soon.